Affordable Veterinary Home Care

Our Mobile Veterinarian in Winnipeg Comes to You

Does your cat or dog seem a little off, but you can't take them to the clinic? Call Winnipeg's Mobile Veterinary Hospital for an in-home veterinarian visit. Dr. Scammell has provided examinations and diagnostic services to small animals since 1987, and he specializes in treating animals in non-clinical settings. If your pet requires assistance from a veterinarian, please call Regent Ave Veterinary Clinic to schedule an in-home visit. With his knowledge and experience, Dr. Scammell is your very own Winnipeg mobile veterinarian.

Deworming, Vaccinations and Diagnostics in a Familiar Setting

Going to a clinic is often a stressful event for the animal and their owner alike. To avoid unnecessary discomfort, you can arrange a house visit for your pet to undergo simple procedures, such as deworming or vaccinations, without being aggravated by travelling or a new environment. And if your furry friend falls ill, they can also be examined and diagnosed.

Winnipeg's Most Experienced Mobile Veterinarian

Dr. Scammell's mission is to provide quality veterinary care in the client's home at an affordable price. However, if your pet's condition requires a clinical procedure, you will be referred to a hospital or a clinic.

Parting with Your Pet

In case of dramatically deteriorating health conditions, in-home euthanasia is one of the most humane ways of relieving the animal's pain. Dr. Scammell offers his experience and personable approach to help you and your pet say goodbye. An in-home procedure allows your cat or dog to pass away in their favourite spot, as peacefully and comfortably as possible.

You can contact Dr. Scammell to discuss or arrange the euthanasia procedure.

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